Intermediate SketchUp Series 

These 3-hour workshop classes each focus on special topics.  See below for upcoming sessions.  Besides the scheduled topics, there will be time to answer your questions and assist you with your projects.


Intermediate SketchUp: Refining Your Interiors

We'll learn about adding more detail to your models by finding and creating better textures, editing components to replicate your real-life pieces, and learning some more advanced modeling skills.  By adding these tools to your SketchUp toolkit, you'll be able to create more realistic images to "wow" your clients and communicate with your team.

To register for these classes, we request that students are fairly competent in the material covered in the Beginning class, as there won't be time to review.

Contact for more information on upcoming classes.

Looking at Structure

Wednesday, July 29    4:30 - 7:30


We'll learn: 

  • More about the architectural components in your model including how to make stairs, and using doors and windows and window components.   
  •  To model a wing of a home that veers off the red / green axis.
  •  Different strategies to build roofs
  • How to use the sandbox tool to add basic topography.
  • About  SketchUp's geolocation and shadow settings to add accuracy to your model. 

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