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Show buyers the potential that lurks in your listings, and attract new listings by offering this unique resource. Go beyond virtual staging–be the first agent in Seattle to offer virtual remodeling!

Renderings can give your properties a new open kitchen, a more functional floor plan, or make a dingy basement into a great family room. Help potential buyers see all the possibilities of a house to get the maximum price in the minimum time.

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See Pricing & Process

Pricing & Process

Diane Dieterich, the lead designer of See3D, will be creating your virtual remodel.  Besides being a skilled Architectural Visualization artist, Diane is also an interior designer and Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer.  She brings all this expertise to your project to devise and illustrate the best remodeling plan for your project.

The process begins with a site visit by Diane for preliminary measurements, photos, and discussion with agent as to design possibilities.    With this information,  Diane will create the best remodeling plan to show your potential buyer the possibilites of the  home.   See3D then generates a  photo-realistic or artistic rendering of what these changes would look like so your buyers can preview the potential of the home. 

Process time is dependent of our current workflow, but final product can usually be delivered within 5-7 days after receipt of deposit.

For more information about the process, current schedule, and terms of work, please contact Diane@seeddd.com

The package price of $365 includes the site visit, design plan,   and high resolution images for your own marketing collateral.   You may choose to have your final image presented as an elevated floorplan, or as a perspective that appears either photo-realistic or hand-painted.  See3d can also layout and print a  display board similiar to below to have on site.  A 20 X 30 board is $50.00

Photorealistic View 

Oil Pastel Replica

Floorplan View 

New Item

Jackson Park Retreat New Great Room 

Jackson Park Basement to Rec Room

Ballard Kitchen Joins the Home 

Whidbey Island Home Relaxes

One Big New View for this West Seattle Home 

Creating a Beach Kitchen for a Beach House

Vashon Update from Country Cabin to Urban Showstopper 

Phinney Ridge Classic Restored:  The Main Level

Phinney Ridge Classis..the Upper Level

Scandinavian Kitchen Hides in the Corner

Covered Porch becomes a Master Suite

Updating a Mercer Island Bridal Trails Home...Inside 

Kirkland Home Gains a View 

Removing a Divider Unites a Space 

Updating a Mercer Island Bridal Trails Home... and Out

Ecletic 60's Home Becomes Grounded in Today

Creating a Sunny Bath from a cramped old space

Old A-frame becomes new Class A Cabin

Updating a Mid-century Modern Ralph Anderson Home

Updating a Mid-century Modern Ralph Anderson Home..the lower level

Unused shop becomes a Stable in Bridal Trails 

Opening Up to the View in West Seattle 

Formal Mansion Adds Space to Unwind

Virtual Remodel Removes Current Tenant's Clutter

Transforming an Attic into a View 

Making Sense of West Seattle Rambler

This house made no sense.  Tacked on rooms and garage conversions resulted in a strange and dysfunctional floorplan.  Reorganizing space, updating the finishes, and adding a deck and clear front entry made this home charming.

West Seattle View Home Comes into the 21st Century

Whidbey Island Kitchen Build-out

Finn Hill Farmhouse Adds a Dormer and Space for a Family

North Bend Finishes it's Basement

Lake Union Condo Warms to the View 

Modest Home Gets Ready for a New Family

Education Hill Home Creates a New Kitchen and Connection to Outdoors 

Newport Key Home Opens to the View

Kirkland Condo Utilizes it's Space

Everett Home Expands its View 

Newcastle Home Creates a Connection to the Backyard

Woodridge Kitchen Opens to the View

Mt. Baker Adds Room for a Family

Redmond Master Bedroom Suite

Family Room Updates to the Modern Family 

North Creek Home Reorganizes it's Master Bedroom 

Lake Washington Home Opens Up

West Seattle Remodel

Sammamish Family Room Update

Whidbey Dining Room Staging

You may choose to have your final image presented as an elevated floorplan, or as a perspective that appears either photo-realistic or hand-painted.

Greenwood Basement Remodel

Broadmoor Update