SketchUp for Kids 


SketchUp for Kids integrates math, art,
and science into a series of totally
addictive modeling projects.  

Kids are having so much fun creating interesting models that they don't realize they're also leaning abo

Course materials:

  • We utilize 2 series of books developed by 3dVinci especially for middle-school age kids.  
    • Model Metricks is the beginning series and focuses on building skills and creating geometry and architecture.
    • GeomeTricks utilizes a series of geometry-based lessons to create geometric models 
  • To learn more about why Teachers love these courses, see


Class Size:  Usually restricted to 6-10 students.  Larger classes may be organized with additional teaching staff added.  Teacher / student ratio never exceeds 1:8.

Sessions:  Classes are organized in 8 week sessions of 1.5 hours each


  •  School must provide Classroom, Art Room, Library, or Computer Lab for class.  Currently, we do no provide laptops, although we may add this service in the future.  
  • School must provide Internet Access and Projector or Active Board
  • Schools need to download the free program, SketchUp, on their Mac or PC's.
  • Schools using Chromebooks can access SketchUp through the Web after joining G-Suite for Education.  For more info, see

Cost:  $140 / student for each 8 week session.

We can also tailor a program to fit your school's particular needs.







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