Podium Online Class 

Podium is a photo rendering program that you can utilize to create beautiful photo-realistic images.  Podium is an inexpensive, easy-to-learn program that works within your SketchUp interface. 

Since Podium runs within SketchUp, its somewhat intuitive to learn.  It has a simple interface and versatile presets to speed up your learning curve.

However, you still need a basic understanding of the various settings in Podium.  We’ll talk about light and material properties and how to accurately define them.  We’ll discuss using sunlight, artificial light, and pre-made light fixtures most efficiently.  I’ll show you the Podium browser and how to utilize this resource most effectively.  And I’ll help you determine the best output settings to efficiently move from base renderings to your final project.   We’ll then work through a series of projects to understand how to use all this knowledge to make the best workflow to quickly create beautiful renderings.  And finally, we’ll talk about Post-processing and where to find more resources.

Podium provides a free trial version to work through this class and determine if it’s the right software for you.  Check out their website for more examples of images created with the program.